Carmel came with his parents to Palestinian Happy Child Center for diagnose, and he was diagnosed as Autism, delay in speech and language, delay in perception and comprehension.


In the beginning his parents refused to accept the child’s condition because Carmel was the only child for them.


His parents started taking him to different institutions and presented him to the specialists and they stopped coming to the PHCC.


The specialists at PHCC kept calling Carmel’s parents in order to ask about him and convinced his father to bring Carmel to the PHCC.


Also Dr. Jumana Odeh talked to Carmel’s father and discussed with him his child’s condition in order to convince him about the importance of bringing Carmel to the center , and after long discussions with his parents , finally his father brought him to the phcc for rehabilitation .


A Tailor –made program built to suit his individual needs according to his case, since he started to attend sessions of occupational therapy ,behavioral therapy and speech therapy Carmel showed a remarkable progressive on his case, development in perception and comprehension and because of that he started going to a kindergarten with normal children, with regular visits from PHCC specialists in order to follow up on his case. The father now was totally convinced with Carmel’s case.


Now after four years at PHCC, Carmel started saying some words, reading the letters and showing interaction with the surrounding.




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