It was five years ago , when I knew I was pregnant, I was very exicted because I hadn’t faced any problem with my pregnancy, when I finished my fifth month, I started bleeding and I was very afraid of losing the baby because I had previously suffered from abortion five times.


I rushed to a specialist and he told me that “the placenta is before the baby and that I have to get rest very well”, so I got rest until I begin eighth month when I started bleeding again and I stayed at the hospital for ten days and I gave birth with a Caesarean section, the baby stayed in the incubator for ten days, his weight was 2.5 kg and 49 cm length.


The baby was normal during his first and a half year, after that I noticed that he is not communicating with me and the vocabulary he knows no longer exist, so we took him to a nerves doctor, he told us that the baby has Autism, that wasn’t a problem for me, the real problemwas that the doctor told us that the child will not improve much.


I and my husband have read a lot about Autism and decided to take Ibrahim to a specialist in Jordan, he told us to do a diet with some vitamins, and then we took him to a specialist to give him functional therapy sessions, after six months we took him to another center in which he showed some improvement, he started distinguishing some things around him.



After that we took him to Friends Autism Center and there I asked the specialist to give him sessions alone because I was worried that he will not do like the kids in the center, then he went to the kindergarten two days a week and he showed some improvement but not a lot, I took him to another center and he is still going there.


Ibrahim showed a lot of improvement, he started communicating with us, distinguishing things, colors, animals, some letters, he knows his relatives, says some words, plays with his brothers, and in two days he learned how to use the bathroom alone with a little help, after all this improvement his father isn’t believing that he has Autism, he has enormous capacity of learning.



I thank god for what Ibrahim is today and I thank the Happy Child center for all what they helped Ibrahim with. And I ask every mother never to lose hope because every problem has a solution.




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