Main objectives

The Palestinian Happy Child Centre (PHCC) was established in 1994 as a grass roots NGO by a group of dedicated professionals and  volunteers.



It’s mission is to promote the welfare and well being of young children with special needs in Palestine


 Philosophy and approach

PHCC believes strongly that every child has the right to  protection, good education, healthcare and well being.



 Main Objectives


-      To meet the developmental, social, emotional and cognitive needs of children with special needs including those with learning disabilities and emotional disturbances.


-      To raise consciousness and promote understanding about children with disabilities amongst families and communities and to encourage the wider society to accept them as active  members of the community


-      To help parents, teachers and others involved to detect and deal with individual disabilities at an early stage such as dyslexia, hearing impairment, stuttering, poor vision, learning disability, emotional trauma and any other developmental delays.



-      To empower parents and especially mothers of children with special needs through supporting them in accepting the disability and equipping them with knowledge and skills to meet their children’s developmental needs. Indirectly the aim is to empower these mothers within society


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