Our Services

1. Routine screening for pre-school and school age children including early detection of disabilities especially those arising from birth.


2. Effective diagnosis for early, timely interventions.


3. Appropriate personalised professional support to suit children’s individual needs, including intervention and rehabilitation.


4. Education, support and training for parents and caregivers on how to take care of and mange special children at home and at school.


5. A comprehensive information service about children’s disabilities and special needs through a range of educational material, leaflets, pamphlets, and use of the media to increase knowledge and awareness amongst policy makers and the wider public.


6.  A competency based, cascade training programme for health workers, social workers, pre school staff, teachers and mothers to equip them with knowledge about the most up to date techniques for timely diagnosis, professional interventions and appropriate referrals of children with special needs.


7. The PHCC is running a child neurology and epilepsy clinic, which is the only one in the country, where’s a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach is adopted in order to manage epilepsy and different neurological disorders that are common problems within Palestinian society.


8. Qualitative and quantitative research on health, psychosocial and gender aspects of child development.





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