Dr. Jumana Odeh is a passionate pediatrician and public health expert. She is the founder and the Director General of the Palestinian Happy Child Centre for children with disabilities. Currently, Dr. Odeh is Faculty Director, FXB Disability Rights Program, Harvard University – USA, and a senior advisor at Shafallah Center for Children with Disability in Doha – Qatar.

She is a founding member of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees, of the Palestinian Emergency Medical Service Council, of Juzoor Foundation for Health & Social Development and of the International Federation for Health and Human Rights Organization IFHHRO – The Netherlands.

Dr. Odeh has over 35 years of extensive experience in child’s health and public health. She served as a senior health consultant with various national & international organizations and universities, a senior child’s health advisor at the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health in UK, UNICEF, Palestinian Ministry of Health, a president of Physicians for Human Rights/Palestine, and a board member of Atta Services/Aid to the Aged.

She is an author and co-author of numerous “evidence based” studies of the psychological impact of military occupation on children and youth, and a frequent articles’ writer for the International Herald Tribune.

Dr. Odeh is a winner of several awards; the “2008 Nobel Prize for Children”. Palestinian President’s Award, The “Humanitarian Hero of the Year Award 2013”,  AidEx – Brussels – Belgium. The 2015 TAKREEM Award for Humanitarian and Civic Services – Dubai, and the 2017 World of Children Alumni Award Honoree – Los Angeles -USA

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